Gimbal Locked

I have found that at times, I don't want my gimbal to swing. If I place a pie shell on the gimbal (I always pre-bake the shell in my Sun Oven) and then begin to pour in the pie filling, sometimes the gimbal swings out of balance as I pour, and I risk spilling the filling. I have put two quarter inch nuts on the oven wall side of the gimbal screws and then a ¼ - 20 wing nut on the other side of the gimbal panel. This allows me to secure the gimbal between the nuts and the wing nut so the gimbal doesn't swing. Another very unstable item when on the gimbal is the small, pyrex loaf pan. It seems like these pans spill over very easily so I prefer to tighten the wing nuts and not let the gimbal swing when using small loaf pans.