Muffin Tins

I can fit two of these light colored ceramic muffin tins in the Sun Oven any time of the year.  There is still room for the gimbal to swivel with these pans.  This picture was also taken on Dec. 31 at 15 degrees Fahrenheit and in very strong winds.  The thumb screw on this oven is missing and I could not keep the reflectors in position at all in the high winds.  The oven temperature dropped below 200 F degrees for a while and my muffins "fell" at some point during this ordeal.   These pumpkin muffins had baked for about two hours in the sun but were still not done so I finished cooking them in the kitchen oven and they actually came out taller and lighter than the cranberry orange muffins that had been in the hotter oven in the Teflon pan on the same day.  I don't know if the difference in muffin texture was due to baking conditions or muffin ingredients.