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Solar Thanksgiving

I have been solar cooking since May 2007. I have come to believe that solar cooking is perfect for people like me who work at home and have a sunny spot in which to cook. There are many types of Solar Ovens. I have experimented with Sun Ovens, Sizzlers, CooKits, Primroses, and Windshield Reflector type ovens.

The Sun Oven is wonderful for my Colorado location and cooking style and I prefer it to my kitchen. The Sizzler is a stovetop type cooker and can be used for frying. I haven't yet tried it in cold temperatures but I think it would work in winter. CooKits are inexpensive and require a cooking bag but  work great for slow cooking in mild weather. The Primrose looks beautiful but is very expensive and does not cook any better than the CooKit. I plan to make some modifications to it and do more experiments. The windshield reflector oven is an extremely affordable device but blows over easily and only gets to about 250 degrees with a cooking bag around the pot when used in the summer time so I would take a CooKit over a Windshield Reflector oven. 

I want to become very familiar with all types of solar cooking so that I can encourage people and show by example that solar cooking is a "developed world” as well as a developing world type of cooking. I would never encourage people, anywhere in the world, to try to do something that I'm not willing to do myself.