Baking Dishes

This picture shows some of the pans that I have used. One disadvantage of the Sun Oven is its small size. I now use two Sun Ovens, and for baking, I have an extra pan available to prepare while one is already in the oven. For cookies I have bought 12 pizza pans and bent up the edges to fit them into the Sun Oven. I can fit ten cookies on them. While one is baking, I fill another so it is ready when the first one is finished cooking .
There are some nice mini muffin pans that fit well in the Sun Oven. Again, I have one baking while I prepare the other one. I have found that I prefer not to use baking papers as they seem to be hard to remove from the muffins. I just spray the muffin tins with cooking oil. The full size cupcake pans don't fit in the sun oven. I have sawed one in half with a band saw and sprayed it with black barbecue paint. For these, I definitely use cupcake papers since I don't want the food touching the black paint. However, I wouldn't spray paint a muffin tin again. I would try just cutting it in half and using it as it is.
My ceramic muffin pans were handmade by a potter. They are the right size, but not the right color. To find out if baked goods are cooked, I insert a toothpick, just as I would with my indoor oven.

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