Holes and Vice

I live on a windy mountain in Colorado at 39 degrees latitude. Two things have helped me enormously, especially in winter conditions. I have drilled two extra holes on the adjusting plate on the back of the oven and I use a heavy vise to hold the foot down. With the extra holes, I can get more heat from the very low winter sun. Without a vise, my ovens are constantly tipping over in high winds. The vise also provides stability for the ovens in the additional elevated positions provided by the new holes I drilled.
Another modification that helps me in my windy conditions is the addition of a screw on the left hand side of the oven face. The wind almost always blows from the west at my house and I found that the left side panel buckled constantly in the wind. I drilled a hole in the face of the oven on the left hand side. After I set my oven out in the morning, I twist a long screw into the hole just far enough that it will hold. It sticks up about two inches and prevents the left side panel from buckling in. When I am done cooking for the day, I untwist the screw and remove it since I cannot fold the oven up with the screw in place. In the picture, I am cooking a Christmas pecan pie on one of the shortest days of the year in Colorado . My oven is at close to 300 degrees and the outside temperature is below freezing. You can see the screw that I added on the left side of the oven.
Sometimes I want to lock the gimbal in a fixed position.

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